Motivation: Your Catalyst to Success

Motivation: Your Catalyst to Success

Nicole Malachowski |


The process of combustion within an engine converts an ignitable substance into work, a release of energy causing motion. Motivation is like that. It is your catalyst to success, especially self-motivation which comes from the inherent satisfaction of accomplishing something vs. as a response to external incentives. It is the spark that kindles and inflames your ideas so you can create and innovate, to develop new models that allow for positive growth.


“Motivation fuels behavior shifts, sparks creativity, propels goal-setting, cultivates passions, charts our course, sharpens skills, and elevates engagement.” ~ Leon Ho, Founder and CEO of Lifehack


Staying motivated can be challenging at times. Because many factors influence motivation–from one’s physiological state and the surrounding environment to previous experiences and competition from concurrent goals–people often experience “motivation deficits.” If you ever struggle to stay motivated, don’t worry: there are numerous ways to boost your motivation. 

Increasing your motivation is often easier than you’d guess. Organizing your goals by creating and managing a to-do list can help you outline specific tasks you need to accomplish in service to your goals; and with tasks laid out in front of you, you can create a plan and timeline for getting them done. Mitigating frustration and overwhelm by including refreshing breaks in your schedule can help you stay on track. And accepting feedback and guidance from successful role models and mentors also can help you see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. These are just a few of the various techniques you can use to find and sustain your motivation.

Motivation ignites your passion, determination, and work ethic–fuel that propels you toward your goals. It is a tool of empowerment that supports you in your pursuit of personal fulfillment as it allows you to focus on your vision, purpose, and ambition so you can sustain your internal drive and make your dreams a reality.

What motivates you? What are some techniques you use to stay motivated? How has motivation played a role in your success.




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