Working With What You Have: How to Optimize Your Assets for Success

Working With What You Have: How to Optimize Your Assets for Success

Nicole Malachowski |

It would be nice to have unlimited assets to minimize struggle and always be set up for success. However, in the real world, that rarely happens. We all have limited time, talent, and treasure. Business leaders must often work with what they have, which can range from almost everything to almost nothing. If you’re taking on a big project or leadership initiative, here are steps to optimize your assets for success:

Do some research – Start by doing research on your project or goal. What do you think you’ll need for successful completion? You may want to investigate if others have accomplished the same or similar projects and study how they got there. Consider how your project or goal could be reached in a similar way or from a different path. You won’t want to copy the other business or person, but it can be helpful to see how others overcame similar challenges and evaluate the result.

Make a plan – Now it’s time to take steps toward completing your goal. Plan how you think the project would best be achieved. From that document—yes, write it down or type it up—determine what assets and resources, to include training, you would ideally have to reach your goal. Breaking a large project into measurable steps and stages is vital.

Take stock of assets – Now, look at what is available to you already. This could be physical assets like computers, vehicles, or office space. It could also be people, including your current team of experts. Or it could even be marketing avenues such as social media accounts with strong followings. Match each asset to a step or stage in your plan.

Identify missing areas – Take a look at what you’re missing. Where are the gaps in assets, resources, or training? You may find you’re only lacking a few key assets and they might be easy to acquire. If you’re missing a lot or the assets are big, don’t worry yet. You can dig deeper to try to get what you need.

Consult with your team – Ask your team if they have any of the missing assets or if they have a resource to help you get them. You would be surprised at the connections your team has, and their willingness to facilitate progress for the project or manager in which they believe. Your team may also identify overlaps or gaps you had not recognized. Put everyone’s brain and expertise on this overview.

Reach out to your network – If your team can’t help or you’re working on this project solo, head to your network. Reach out to former co-workers, family, and friends, to see if anyone can help you with the missing items. If you haven’t already, consider creating a LinkedIn profile for digital networking.

 Creative problem solve – If you’re still unable to locate the assets you need through your team and your extended network, it’s time to do some creative problem solving. Could the project work without the asset? Is there something else that you could use? Take time to clarify the role of the asset within the entire scope of the project and consider what other avenues might bring the same or similar results. Have a brainstorming session to come up with other ideas and see how they would fit into your plan. Then, start the process of searching for your new asset.

Taking on a big project or leadership initiative can be intimidating. However, if you start out anticipating that you will need to hustle for your assets or rethink certain areas of the project, it will be easier to work with what you have. Get excited for creative problem solving and the opportunity to accomplish something that is a challenge and not a piece of cake. The success will be that much sweeter.

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