SocialFlight Live! Honoring the WASP with Nicole Malachowski and Erin Miller

Nicole Malachowski |

SocialFlight Live! 

Nicole Malachowski is the first female USAF Thunderbirds pilot!. In addition to her many career accomplishments in the air and on the ground, Nicole served as a White House Fellow under President Obama and was instrumental in getting the Women Airforce Service Pilots (otherwise known as the WASP) awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

Erin Miller is the proud granddaughter of WASP member Elaine Danforth Harmon. Her grandmother’s last request was to be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC), a request that was denied by the United States Army in 2015. Erin led a grassroots campaign to pass legislation that granted burial rights at Arlington for the WASPS and several other groups, including the Merchant Mariners. Erin’s book “Final Flight Final Fight," details the Arlington campaign and her life with her grandmother. It's another great episode of SocialFlight Live!

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