EP.67 Harnessing Headwinds With a Mach 2 Mindset with Nicole Malachowski, F-15E Fighter Pilot (Colonel Ret.), The President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, Keynote Speaker

Nicole Malachowski |

Nicole Malachowski has flown F-15E fighter jets at twice the speed of sound yet understands that in times of rapid change taking a moment to slow down is a critical component of being successful when you need to speed up.

Malachowski (ret. Colonel United States Air Force) and the first woman to be USAF Thunderbirds pilot, was retired from active duty by a tick bite. She is now a successful keynote speaker, consultant and advocate for educating everyone on the dangers of late stage tick-borne illnesses.

Listen to the full discuss between Nicole and host David Kepron on Ep.67 "Harnessing Headwinds With A Mach 2 Mindset" on the NXTLVL Experience Design podcast.

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