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  • The Mindset Needed to Dream Big at Every Age

    As kids, we were unafraid to dream big. Minus the social awkwardness of the teenage years, we generally weren’t swayed by other people’s expectations of us or their perceptions of our dreams. For some odd reason, the older we get, the more susceptible we are to being influenced by society’s expectations of us. Somewhere along the way, we seem to subdue our dreams, become more reserved in our ambition, and guarded against judgment from others.

  • Failure is the price of entry for achieving something great

    Failures can knock us down, make us lose confidence in ourselves and can threaten to prevent us from trying again. When I was in pilot training, I failed one of my earliest checkrides (an important “flying test”). I encountered a plethora of maintenance problems when I went to start the jet, which was frustrating. But, once in the air, I flew pretty darn well. However, once on the ground, the instructor informed me I had failed the checkride.

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  • Harness the Power of Your Own Resilience

    Harness the Power of Your Own Resilience

    Harness the Power of Your Own Resilience  Resilience is a person’s capacity to respond to pressure and the demands of daily life. It is the ability to deal with problems...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • Building Relationships to Bolster Teams

    Building Relationships to Bolster Teams

    In England, during the Elizabethan Age, young women were bound by strict social conventions, including traditional norms based on gender. These social expectations are reflected in the literature of the...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • Humility in Leadership

    Humility in Leadership

    Taking on a leadership role is exciting. The greatest honor of my career was serving as the commander of the 333rd Fighter Squadron at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. In that...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • The Importance of Perspective

    The Importance of Perspective

    I’m a huge fan of Impressionism. The painting style has always spoken to me on a deeper level. Recently, I was able to take my kids to an interactive Monet...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • Staying in the Game: How to Finish What You Start

    Staying in the Game: How to Finish What You Start

    Do you ever feel like Doug from Pixar’s Up? One minute you’re passionate about a project, and then the next minute… squirrel! Your metaphorical squirrel could be another project, loss...

    Nicole Malachowski |

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