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  • The Mindset Needed to Dream Big at Every Age

    As kids, we were unafraid to dream big. Minus the social awkwardness of the teenage years, we generally weren’t swayed by other people’s expectations of us or their perceptions of our dreams. For some odd reason, the older we get, the more susceptible we are to being influenced by society’s expectations of us. Somewhere along the way, we seem to subdue our dreams, become more reserved in our ambition, and guarded against judgment from others.

  • Failure is the price of entry for achieving something great

    Failures can knock us down, make us lose confidence in ourselves and can threaten to prevent us from trying again. When I was in pilot training, I failed one of my earliest checkrides (an important “flying test”). I encountered a plethora of maintenance problems when I went to start the jet, which was frustrating. But, once in the air, I flew pretty darn well. However, once on the ground, the instructor informed me I had failed the checkride.

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  • Avoid the Scarcity Mindset

    Avoid the Scarcity Mindset

    Mindset is everything. Many of you have heard the saying “life isn’t about what happens to you, but how you react to it”. It has taken me years to fully...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • The Wingman Contract

    The Wingman Contract

    As a fighter pilot and combat-proven flight lead, one of the very last things I’d say to my wingmen before stepping to our jets was “When in doubt, always honor...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • Fighter Pilot Dreams

    Fighter Pilot Dreams

    I had wanted to become a fighter pilot since I was 5 years old. I spent elementary school, junior high, and high school almost maniacally focused on this goal. Joining...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • Nicole Picked as Member of Mighty 25

    Nicole Picked as Member of Mighty 25

    The Mighty 25 is a recognition We Are The Mighty bestows each year on individuals in the military community that have gone above and beyond. In partnership with the Military...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • Tiny But Mighty

    Tiny But Mighty

    This is the tall and the short of it. During pilot training, people used to chuckle at me and my Instructor Pilot, Michael McLaughlin, anytime we’d step to a T-38...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • How I Became a White House Fellow

    How I Became a White House Fellow

    One of the most memorable assignments of my career was when I served as a White House Fellow (WHF). The story of how this came about goes to show how...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • My call Sign "FiFi"

    My call Sign "FiFi"

    The story behind my call sign “FiFi” has a few details that are technically NSFW. But, if I meet you in person sometime, and you buy me a craft brewed...

    Nicole Malachowski |

  • How I Met My Husband

    How I Met My Husband

    Many don’t know this, but my husband Paul and I did, in fact, fly together before we started dating. I was a brand new Second Lieutenant in my very first...

    Nicole Malachowski |

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